Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Bargains!!!

Hello Friends!

The debut of my online shopping site was a hit last month! Did you
know that you can now get sale prices similar to our summer and
December sales via my new online outlet--any day of any month?

It's just like our old Southern Living at HOME sales, but now, you can
order directly online for delivery to your door from over 75 product
specials along with items in our current catalog. Best of all, we have
weekly, even daily specials that change at least every Monday to keep
you coming back! So bookmark my website and visit me for our weekly
and daily deals!

Just go to to enter my online store. After you
place your order, it will ask your host--that's me. Just type in
"Susan Inge". (YOU can receive host rewards with an online party,
too. Just ask me about it. I'll set you up.)

Another great addition: our customer specials! You now name your own!
When your order reaches $39.96, you can choose almost any item in our
catalog under $40 and get it at half price. So you can receive an item
out of the current catalog for half price just from placing an outlet
order of over $39.96!

If you're looking for Christmas bargains, shop online with me or book
a home, catalog, or online party. Let me help you shop from your seat,
not your feet!

All the best!

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