Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keeping it SIMPLE

I am kind of a wing-it kind of gal..have trouble planning things out too well ahead of time, and kind of like flying by the seat of my pants!   Funny that I should give birth to a child who is the complete opposite, and couldn't be more "by the book" if he lived in a library.   You can imagine the clashes that go on between us on a daily basis:  Me: "It's ok, just erase it or squeeze the word in above it"...Him: "I caaaaaaaan't!   Then it won't look right!!!!"   or Me: "We have to leave in a few minutes"...Him "When?"   Me: "I don't know, around 9am"  Him"  Ok, its 9:00 am right now, lets go (backpack on already)  Me: "Ok, I have to run upstairs, change, go to the bathroom, get your brother dressed, let the dog out..."  Him" BUT you said we would leave at 9:00, it is 9:00 now, if we don't go RIGHT NOW we will be late!!!"   I don't know where this child's worry of being late ever came from, as I am SO not worried about being late, I mean I try not to be late, but if I am a few minutes late I don't worry about it.   I don't think the sky is going to come tumbling down.   I think some day he is going to have an ulcer from all his worrying about being late!   Not me, tho, I am laid-back, casual Sue...

Which is why when I read "Keep it Simple" for party presentations, I thought "That is totally up my alley, if anyone can do simple it is me!"   This month with the really great hostess rewards, 2 of my family and friends have asked to host a party for me.   They both get to choose what they want out of the catalog and get 70% off an item or more--depending on how much $$ they generate in sales at their party!   And they get double the hostess Dollars which is free product based on their party sales too!   So it is a GREAT time for them to want to host a party and show all of their friends the fabulous new Willow House products!   Since I joined, I have only hosted my own parties, I haven't been "the consultant" and someone else "the host".   So I am kind of nervous to do these parties for the first time.  I have to be the expert!  But not really, because the products will sell themselves.  So I am keeping busy writing out some cheat sheets for my product info, and a few ideas on how to get the party invitees excited and just to HAVE FUN!

Being a host is really easy, because all you have to do is have something SWEET, something SALTY and something to don't have to spend a ton of money on an elaborate spread of food for the guests.  After all, we want the people to spend more time looking at the catalogs and discussing their own design ideas for the products and just enjoying the company of the other women at the party!   The simplier, the better!   The object, after all, is to MAKE money, not spend a ton of money on your party!   The easier your party looks, the more likely someone in the crowd is gonna think, Wow, I can do this too!  

So hopefully my wing-it-ness will get me thru and we will have some great parties in the next few weeks!!

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