Thursday, August 19, 2010


We had a plaque hanging up in my house when I was growing up that said "Blessed are those that expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed".    I read that thing every single time I walked by it, but I don't think those words every were absorbed into my brain.   I think I looked more at the cute puppy on the plaque than at the words.  Because I still expect everything, and tend to be disappointed a lot.   I kind of wish I would just live my life by those words tho.  I do believe them.   But believing and really leading your life by something can be two totally different things!  By the same token, our parents told us to REACH FOR THE STARS!   And YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!   Why you can be president someday!   Really?   Me?  Doubtful-- with all the skeletons I have in my closet!  :)    So isn't that kind of the opposite of the plaque?   DON'T expect nothing,  EXPECT EVERYTHING!    Which is it?  Be blessed and not disappointed, or believe that you will get everything you want and then be extremely disappointed when life doesn't always give you lemonade?

I think it must be a happy medium between the two.   Try hard and you just might get what you want.   But you have to try, and not just give up and say "What the heck, I figured it wouldn't turn out alright anyway."   Having your own business can be tough.  It is tempting to just throw in the towel when you get frustrated.   When you try and try and nothing happens.   Doors are slammed in your face, sometimes literally!    How do you continually dust yourself off and get right back out there in the game?

When I was in the real estate business I learned to accept downs as well as ups just being a part of the business.  So many deals would go sour that you really could NEVER count your chickens before they were hatched--or bought a BMW because you had a big commission check coming at the end of the month when that house finally closed!   One false move and BAM!   The deal is over, done, kaput...and your BMW is sitting there shining in your driveway but you can't afford the gas to put in it.   Real Estate was full of heartache.  But it taught me to concentrate on the positive things, and to keep moving on, even when you felt like giving up.   Move ahead, try again, keep going.   Try a different bank, a different house, a different appraiser.   Don't stop marching.  Keep on truckin'!!   And that is what I have to do!!!

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