Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are you a Dummy, Mommy?

How do you explain the books "Such and Such for Dummies" to a 7 year old who knows it isn't nice to call someone a dummy?   I got the book "Blogging for Dummies" at the library to try to stretch my new blogging legs and learn just what the heck it is all about, and how to get people to follow mine.  My son just didn't get the humor in the title.  (Altho I have a sneaking suspicion that he likes the permission to call me a Blog Dummy and get away with it!)   Kids take things so literally.  I can't wait til he is a little older and we can share some good old fashioned sarcasm and laugh together!   A friend of mine told me that kids that are extremely silly and goofy are just stretching THEIR humorous legs and learning to have a good sense of humor.  Thank goodness if this is really true, as both of my boys feel the need to "get the sillies out" on a regular basis.   My 7 year old son thinks that making a part of your body sound like a rude bodily function is the best way to get a few good laughs, especially at the grocery store, at a restaurant or anywhere where it is pretty much completely socially unacceptable.  I have to tell myself that this is all shaping his good sense of humor and that he will be entertaining me for years to come!

Speaking of entertaining and decorating, I am loving my new Willow House items that I have purchased recently!  My house is looking so good, thanks to the new touches Willow House has given me!  I got a few nice mirrors from the NEW OUTLET, and I am thrilled!!!   Check them out!!
Venetian Mirror

Wall Sconces

Flower Market Door Bucket
Acanthus Wall Flourishes
At this rate I will not make any profit, but that is ok because I truly love the beautiful products in my home...
and now that we can shop online, it is just going to become easier and easier to order anything I want!!!

And now if I can just figure out the blog thing!!  :)


  1. I like the pictures of the products in the house! The sconces look great! :)

  2. Great products in your beautiful home! I just got the wall sconces as well, and love them. Opening the boxes was like Christmas in October.

  3. Thanks, ladies! You are right, getting WH boxes is like Christmas! I love the sconces too, they are so beautiful!


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