Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Business Meets Online Shopping!!

Susan Inge

The perfect marriage of the Willow House home based party business meets shopping online!!! What does this mean to you?
Easy, Easy, Easy!!!
You will now be able to shop in the convenience of your own home for all of our beautiful products! Decorating or re-decorating your house has never been easier! You can choose from MODERN HUES, or EASY ELEGANCE or NATURAL HABITAT--what is your favorite decorating style??

                                                         Modern Hues:

  COLOR-This fresh color palette features blue and green hues accented by soft neutrals.
  TEXTURE- Shiny and matte finishes, and accents add playful interest
  STYLE- The secret to style is the delicate mixing of traditional pieces with modern accents.

                                                             Easy Elegance:

  COLOR-Classic becomes contemporary when neutral grays and browns are accentuated with
   jewel tones like rich greens and purples
  TEXTURE-Neutral backgrounds allow for subtle texture combinations to stand out and add interest.
  STYLE-The secret to the standout style is incorporating repetition, grouping similar items together.

                                                              Natural Habitat:

  COLOR:  Spice up your neutral casual palette with warm and rustic brown and rust tones. 
  TEXTURE:  Rustic elements can add a casual touch to more refined items.
  STYLE:  Keep your natural habitat look unified by sticking to the color palette while mixing and matching
            eclectic pieces in coordinating color hues.  This is a more casual style.

 Simple, easy design! You can combine the styles also to bring a little bit of each into your living areas!
Willow House will still be the big home business that it always has been too! Would you like to earn extra income while sharing in the excitement of all the programs that Willow House has to offer? Click on the "contact me" button and find out how you can become a consultant and join the fun today!!! You can join with a low-investment starter kit!
The holidays are upon us, what better time to get out there and ENJOY all that life has to offer--YOU DESERVE IT!!!
Thank You for stopping by!!
Hope to see you soon at a party or online shopping!!

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